Note all CONCORDAE modules and services to be customized to the client's specific needs and requests



STEP 1 : Top management level (all)

Suggested duration : 3 workshops over 2 months, 4 hours each


-present your company & your business strategy

-identify your leadership styles and the corporate cultural strategy in place

-determine the cultural strategy that could best serve your business strategy and bridge the gap!

-reveal your authentic and inspiring leadership signature

-articulate a corporate leadership model for all managers across the organisation to consistently follow




STEP 2 : Middle & Direct management levels (all)

Suggested duration : 2 workshops over 2 months, 7 hours each


-identify your personal leadership styles and behaviors

-discover the corporate leadership model

-face your own patterns, beliefs and values

-articulate a personal strategy to bridge the gap and to embrace and consistently implement the corporate leadership model across your teams




Current & past partners and clients :